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Indiana Medicaid Waiver Process

We understand that Indiana Medicaid and the waivers that involve recreational therapy can be confusing. Here is a brief breakdown of how the process works, from initially obtaining Medicaid to beginning recreational therapy services. For more in-depth information, please contact the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services.

1. Initial Application

Complete an application for the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) or Family Supports Waiver (FSW) through the local Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) office. A BDDS staff member will then be in contact to discuss the process for determining eligibility for the waiver. If you do not already obtain Medicaid, you will be referred to the local Division of Family Resources (DFR) to apply for Medicaid.

2. Intake Meeting

Once you are Medicaid and waiver approved, you will be assigned a case manager. The case manager will contact you to complete an intake meeting. There, you will learn more about the waiver and all services that will be available to you. If recreational therapy is of interest, your case manager will pass along your information to New Leaf and to other companies that provide recreational therapy. A therapist at New Leaf will then contact you to schedule an interview.

3. Interview with a Therapist

A New Leaf therapist will contact you to schedule an interview at a location of your choice, whether it be at your home, our office if you are located in Fort Wayne, or in the community. The goal of the interview is to learn more about recreational therapy, what sessions look like, what activities clients engage in, how these activities will contribute to the goals of the individual, and to overall meet the therapist and see if they would be a good fit. If you would like to move forward with a New Leaf therapist, contact your case manager to sign a pick list.

4. Sign a Pick List

A pick list is a list of providers that you pick from to receive waiver services. In this case, you will pick New Leaf to receive recreational therapy services. After a pick list is submitted to the state, a Notice of Action (NOA) and a Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan (PCISP) is generated. The NOA is an explanation of budget(s) for each service that is chosen, and the PCISP provides details about what is most important to an individual, which includes activities and potential goals.

5. Services Officially Begin!

Once the NOA and PCISP are generated (which can take up to 10 business days) New Leaf will receive a copy of these state documents. The therapist that you interviewed will then be notified that services are ready to begin, and that therapist will contact you to schedule the very first recreational therapy session. Congratulations, you are officially receiving recreational therapy services from New Leaf Recreation!

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