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What is Behavior Management?

Behavior Management (BMAN) services provides hands-on training to promote positive changes in the lives of our clients and their families. With proven, evidence-based, positive behavior management strategies, individuals will see positive behaviors increase, while challenging/harmful behaviors decrease. Utilizing behavior management services will enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve, their family members, teachers, caretakers, and all other loved ones.

Beneath each behavior is a feeling, and beneath each feeling is a need. When we meet the need rather than focus on the behavior, we can begin to cope with the cause, not the symptom.

Functional Behavior Analysis

Our behavior consultants partner with individuals, family members, and caretakers to determine the function of one or more target behaviors for an individual through an assessment tool called the functional behavior analysis (FBA).

Behavior Support Plan

For each individual, behavior consultants create a behavior support plan (BSP) that is easily executed and maintained. All plans are person-centered around individuals with their goals and quality of life being forefront in the planning process.

Positive Behavior Supports

By integrating positive coping skills and supports into daily lives, individuals are able to decrease the occurrence of unhealthy behaviors by learning replacements strategies to communicate their wants and needs in positive ways.

Behavior Management at New Leaf

All New Leaf behavioral consultants have Masters level or higher education and all behavior support plans are reviewed and approved by a licensed psychologist before being introduced into the lives of our clients. Scheduled visits from our behavior consultants can be done at an individual's home or out in the community at a time that is convenient for individuals and their families. Behavior Management services at New Leaf are fully funded through the Community Integration Habilitation Waiver (CIH) and the Family Support Waiver (FSW).

Potential Behavior Management Goals

Here's a list of potential goals that individuals can work toward achieving with their New Leaf behavior consultant. This list includes but is not limited to the following:

• Learn respectful and appropriate habits that can lead to an outcome the individual desires.

• Decrease unhealthy behaviors while increasing positive behaviors.

• Achievement in areas of self-regulation and self-discipline.

• Appropriately advocate for oneself.

• How to gain needed attention without disruption.

• Learn important coping skills for life’s difficult times.

• Processing emotions and reacting in appropriate ways.

• Learn replacement strategies to process emotions in a positive way.

• Learn proven methods of self-calming.

• Increase skills in decision making.

• Regulate reaction time and emotional decision making.

• Control impulse behaviors and quick reactions.

• Decrease self-harming talk and behaviors.

• Learn to respond to constructive criticism.

• Decrease suicidal ideation.

• Decrease impulse reaction.

• Learn self-care skills.

• Learn to set goals and reach them.

• Learn everyday life skills needed to live and function as a respected member of society.

• Learn social skills that work in real life settings.

• Learning empathy for others and how to appropriately respond.

• Able to face life’s challenges with a positive outlook and growth opportunity mindset.

• Budgeting and financial competency skills.

• Learn honesty and live life with integrity.

• Learn how to lessen aggression and fight mentality.

• And so much more! 

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